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Why Scoop That Poop?

Did you know...The average medium sized dog can produce an estimated 3/4 of a pound of poop everyday?  Multiply that by 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year...that equals a whole lotta Doo! Dog waste can also contain harmful bacteria like Giardia, Coccidia and Salmonella, which can be passed onto humans and other pets. Not to mention, one pile of doggy doo can take up to 1 year or more to fully compost, which can do a number on your lawn! Because of a dog's high protein diet, their waste can be very acidic. This can lead to brown, dead spots in your lawn because their "landmines" are actually burning it! 

With our convenient poop scooping services, we can save the day and your lawn!

where does the poop go?

Per the request of Snohomish County Public Works we are recommended to follow The Poop Solution: "scoop the poop, bag it and put it in the trash." Because landfills are designed to safely keep pet waste contained, monitored and out of our streams, The Super Scoopers feel this is the safest method of disposal at this time. 

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