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What We Doo:

The Super Scoopers-Doggy Doo Removal is a local dog poop scooping company servicing Stanwood and Camano Island, Washington. We offer year round doggy doo clean-up with convenient schedules and reliable, affordable services. We can fit your needs and your budget! Rain or shine, we are committed to keeping your lawn a clean and safe place for your family and your pets to enjoy.

How We Scoop:

With a variety of scooping options, we work with you to find a scooping schedule that best suits your lifestyle. We can perform services; once a week, 2 times a week, every other week or even just a one time scoop for parties and events. Services are performed Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm, excluding all major holidays. Upon requesting services, we will contact you to schedule a free consultation to meet with you and your 4-legged friends, answer any questions, go over areas of your yard to be scooped and to help you choose a scooping schedule that is right for you. From there we will schedule an initial clean-up that will be applied to your first billing cycle, this allows us to get your yard completely poop free and ready for further scooping. 

All Doggy Doo Removal services include thorough scooping of outdoor dog waste from designated service areas, waste will be placed in double, compostable bags and put in your outdoor garbage receptacle. This is the recommended and safest method of disposal per Snohomish and Island County Public Works. We are happy to take away any bagged waste we scoop for an additional $5 per service. In addition to scooping, we can courteously refresh any outdoor water bowls for your fur children that stay outside while you're away from home! To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria between yards, our equipment is always thoroughly sanitized with natural, biodegradable products after each customer visit.

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